The Recovery Coalition of Texas

The Recovery Coalition of Texas was founded in 2019 by Robin Peyson, Ben Bass and Philander Moore. They saw a need for creating an organization whose focus is on supporting the recovery movement in Texas, and uniting the voices of Recovery Community Organizations, Peer Recovery Coaches and individuals engaged in peer recovery supports and services.

The RCT’s intention is to work with all involved in the recovery movement; people who gather together In the name of recovery to fight stigma and discrimination, to value and celebrate recovery, and to educate the public and policy makers about recovery.These founders chose the word “engage” in their mission statement purposely, to indicate that the Coalition represents not just those organizations and programs delivering peer organizations and services, but also represent individuals who are in or seeking recovery.

Robin, Ben and Philander believe that the voice of recovery needs to be united.  They recognize that the substance use recovery movement has common cause with mental health peer advocates, as well as with medication assisted treatment and harm reduction advocates. All too frequently, these issues are addressed in silos, not just in Texas, but nationally. The Coalition will work to collaborate with other advocates in these areas and support policy that impacts issues of common concern.

Philander Moore

Philander Moore is a true champion of recovery in Texas. Philander retired from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission in 2018 after serving the state for 27 years. He served as the Unit Manager for the Substance Use Disorder at Health and Human Services Commission. He orchestrated the implementation and development of the Texas Recovery Initiative and the first Recovery OrientedSystem of Care (ROSC) in Texas by using an Integrated Behavioral health approach through collaboration with all the funded SUD provider and LocalMental Health Centers.

He has a Masters’ of Arts and HumanServices degree from St Edwards University in Austin, Texas and is a licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC). He has expertise in adult and adolescent recovery, SUD Treatment, Criminal Justice and Community Integration and Development.

Currently, Philander has returned to work for the Texas Health And Human Services Commission as the Statewide Opioid Coordinator.  He also served on the Board of Directors of Communities for Recovery. As a result of returning to work for the TX HHSC, he has resigned his position on the Board of the Recovery Coalition of Texas, as well as his position on the Board of Communities for Recovery, due to possible conflict of interest issues related to funding.

Prior to returning to work for the state, he worked as a Recovery/Treatment Consultant for the Center for SocialInnovation, providing Technical Assistance on recovery projects in Texas and other States.  He also serves on theNational Board of Directors for Faces and Voices of Recovery (FAVOR).

(see Staff and Board for more information on Robin Peyson and Ben Bass.)